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In the first story, titled Witch Baby, Witch Baby is trying to find out who she is, where she belongs. After having a rough time on the ride called life, with things happening such as the guy she is in love with is in love with her sister, Witch Baby meets Angel Juan.

Together, Angel Juan and Witch Baby are a perfect pair, but he and his family are deported. Witch Baby takes this very personally, and ends up running away. She comes back, realizing her real family is the people who love her. The second story takes place a few years later.

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Witch Baby has had another rough ride, and needs the help of her family. Cherokee makes her a pair of wings, and Angel Juan comes back. Then things get out of control. In order to not ruin the ending, I will tell you that it ends with a mysteriously satisfying magic, but that is all. They had met in Jamaica while Ping was looking 36 jah-love for new ideas for her spring fashion line.

It will rain for seven days and seven nights.

Weetzie Bat: Witch Baby 2 by Francesca Lia Block (1992, Paperback)

The house smelled moist and muddy. Valentine carved huge Rasta-man heads, animals, and pregnant women out of wood. The second night, Ping got out of the bed she had been sleeping in and got into the cot beside Valentine. They slept together every night after that until the rain stopped on the seventh night.

In the morning, Ping took an armload of fabrics silkscreened with snakes and birds, suns and shells, and went out into the steamy hot hibiscus air of Jamaica. After she had flown back to L. If you ever want to see us you can find us here. He said he had come to live with her.

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The child they had was a boy named Raphael Chong Jah-Love. They all lived together and wore red and ate plantain and black beans, or wonton soup and fortune cookies, and made silkscreened clothing they sold on the boardwalk at Venice beach. Weetzie loved Valentine and Ping and Raphael. They took her to the Kingston 12 to hear reggae music and drink Red Stripe Jamaican beer and they gave her sarong mini skirts and turbans they made and told her about Jamaica. In Jamaica we climb the falls holding hands and the water rushes down bluer than your eyes. In Jamaica.

In Jamaica it is hot and wet, and the people are hot and wet, and the shells look like flowers, and the flowers look like shells, and when you drive down some roads men come out of the bushes wearing parrots on their shoulders and flowering bird cages on top of their heads.


One day she was driving Valentine and Ping and Raphael to the L. Jah Love. That is a sign. My Secret Agent Lover Man. She had been mistaken for a boy before and was a little sensitive about it. All she needed now was some gay man trying to pick up on her! I mean this is the wildest! A man at the next table was grumbling.

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He was her height and wore a slouchy hat and a trench coat. He was unshaven and had the greenest eyes Weetzie had ever seen. And then at the end you realize a guy who is obsessed with the girl has been filming her all along. She put her hand over the lens. She had always wanted to be a star, and, yes, he looked like her Secret Agent Lover Man, but she was afraid to believe this was real. My Secret Agent Lover Man had driven her to 42 jah-love the beach on the back of his motorcycle and pulled a bottle of pink champagne out of his trench coat.

They were sitting on the sand by the sea. He got out his camera and filmed her taking a swig. Suddenly, the tide came in. My Secret Agent Lover Man laughed and laughed and kept filming her. He kissed her. A kiss about palm trees speeding by, trailing pink clouds when you drive down the Strip sizzling with champagne. A kiss about spotlights fanning the sky and the swollen sea spilling like tears all over your legs.

And there were a lot more of those kisses after that. On the motorcycle, in the restrooms of nightclubs, in the bathtub, in the pink bedroom. Sometimes he filmed her surfing with Dirk and Duck, or doing a reggae dance with Ping while Valentine and Raphael played drums. Where did he get such a weird name? She was thinking about buildings. Across the street, the old Poseur, where Weetzie and Dirk had bought kilts, was a beauty salon. They had written their names on the columns of the porch but all the graffiti had been painted over. Even 46 weetzie wants a baby Elvis Land was gone.

Elvis Land had been in the front yard of an old house on Melrose.

Witch Baby - reading - part 6

There had been a beat-up pink Cadillac, a picture of Elvis, and a giant love letter to Elvis on the lawn. Then there were the really old places. Like the Tiki restaurant in the Valley, which had gone out of business years ago and had become overgrown with reeds so that the Tiki totems peered out of the watery-sounding darkness. They had filmed Coyote on an Indian reservation in New Mexico. Dirk and Duck played her angry brothers; Valentine did the music, and Ping was wardrobe. My Secret Agent Lover Man was the director. His friend Coyote played Coyote.

Silvery Skeleton Charm witch baby | Weetzie Bat | Skeleton, Charmed, Ethereal

The film was quite a success, and it brought Weetzie and My Secret Agent Lover Man and Dirk and Duck and their friends money for the first 48 weetzie wants a baby time. They also ate guacamole tostadas at El Coyote which had, they agreed, some of the best decorations in Hollywood, especially the painting with the real little lights right in it , putting the toppings of guacamole, canned vegetables, Thousand Island dressing, and cheese into the corn tortillas that were served between two plates to keep them warm.

Weetzie also bought beads and feathers and white Christmas lights and roses that she saved and dried. She decorated everything in sight with these things until the whole house was a collage of glitter and petals. Everything was fine except that Weetzie wanted a baby. And diseases. And nuclear accidents.

And crazy psychos. They had hiked to the Hollywood sign and were eating canned smoked oysters and drinking red wine from real glasses that My Secret Agent Lover Man had packed in newspaper in his backpack. The next day, My Secret Agent Lover Man came home carrying a cardboard box that made scratching, yipping sounds. She is a girlfriend for Slinkster Dog. When she grows up, she and Slink can have some more babies for you. We can have as many puppy babies as you want. She would make a perfect girlfriend for Slinkster Dog, Weetzie thought. But she was not a real baby.

He and Duck had come home to find Weetzie alone on the living room couch among the collage pillows, which were always leaving a dust of glitter and dried petals. She was crying and blowing her nose with pink Kleenex, and there were wadded up Kleenex roses all over the floor.

These two gay guys and their best friend all slept together so no one would know for sure whose baby it was. It would be a beautiful slinkster girl baby, or a hipster baby boy, and they would all love it more than any of their parents had ever loved them—more than any baby had ever been loved, Weetzie thought.

His eyes looked like glasses of gin. Weetzie ran to kiss him, and when she put her arms around him, he felt tense and somehow smaller. Weetzie kissed him and ran her hands through his hair. They lit candles and incense, and made Kahlua and milks, and got into the bathtub in the pink-and-aqua-tiled bathroom. Weetzie felt as if she were turning into steam and milk and honey. They had received their test results, and now they could have a baby.

Witch Baby (Weetzie Bat) Witch Baby (Weetzie Bat)
Witch Baby (Weetzie Bat) Witch Baby (Weetzie Bat)
Witch Baby (Weetzie Bat) Witch Baby (Weetzie Bat)
Witch Baby (Weetzie Bat) Witch Baby (Weetzie Bat)
Witch Baby (Weetzie Bat) Witch Baby (Weetzie Bat)
Witch Baby (Weetzie Bat) Witch Baby (Weetzie Bat)
Witch Baby (Weetzie Bat) Witch Baby (Weetzie Bat)
Witch Baby (Weetzie Bat) Witch Baby (Weetzie Bat)

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