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Intellectual Diversity in College

LCC Monthly Bulletin:. Whats Happening at LCC? For the September Bulletin click here. Childcare Punch Pass: each pass is good for 30 visits. The Key FOB allows LSPR to better track attendance, to know who is using the facilities and saves time when registering for programs, paying for a single visit or swiping in at facilities. The Key FOB is easy to carry with you as it slides onto your key ring. You can also take a picture of it and store it in your phone! Stop by anytime to pick up for free key fob at any of our facilities so you can start carrying your key to fun!

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Monthly memberships are withdrawn from checking accounts on the 15th of each month. Monthly membership fees are not prorated and are priced for the month you join. All fees are priced for individuals ages 4 and over. Children 3 and under are free. All changes to monthly membership drafts need to be completed by the 1st business day of the month. Please call in advance for more information regarding our memberships options Spray features, large play area, and a zero-depth beach entrance, four yard lap lanes, current channel and hot tub.

Lake front terrace with lounge area available for tanning during the summer months. If you are a first time gym user please let the J. Thomas Lovell Community Center Staff know if you need a tour of the facility.


If you have questions about a rule or need an orientation on the equipment. Below we have provided you a few of the unwritten rules to help improve your visit and your workout. Exercise actually boosts your immune system, so going to the gym is one of the best things you can do to stay well during cold and flu season. But colder weather brings more people inside which means more germs and greater exposure to bugs that cause cold and flu.

Use these gym hygiene tips to keep germs at bay and help you stay well throughout the season.

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Wash and dry your hands Wash your hands for 30 seconds with soap. Be sure to clean the front and back of the hands along with your wrists. Leaving your hands wet can make it easier for them to pick up and pass germs. Dry your hands thoroughly after each hand washing. Use hand sanitizer often. Wipe down equipment Use the provided spray bottles and disposable towels to disinfect equipment before and after uses. Staff disinfects multiple times throughout the day but cannot get to every machine after every use. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands. Only low intensity exercise is recommended with symptoms like sore throat, coughing, runny nose, congested nose.

Salt: In the winter, salt is common practice on roads and sidewalks to keep ice from becoming a problem. That salt accumulates on your shoes and then you bring it into the gym. Not only can water ruin the cardio equipment and other equipment, but it can cause you or others to slip and fall, causing injury.

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Salt, especially, will erode your shoes at a quicker pace. How to Get Started Enrollment Form : Outlines basic information and guidelines. Fitness Questionnaire: This form will help your personal trainer create a comprehensive program and plan based on your health and fitness history. A 6-week all inclusive wellness program with the accountability you need to reach your weight loss goals, make incredible changes, and have a healthy lifestyle! This classic massage uses long strokes to reduce tension, soothe sore muscles and improve circulation. Great for focused treatment to your troublesome areas.

Come in before, in-between or after workouts. The childbearing year brings on a variety of physical discomforts!

Experience the penetrating warmth and earthly energetic effects of warm smooth stones that are heated in water and used along with the hands. Stones may be used before, during or after massage. Engage your sense of smell with aromatherapy to enhance your massage experience.

Using all-natural essential oils will relieve stress by deepening relaxation or can be energizing. Schedule them all right away, or save some for a rainy day, as long as they are used within 12 months of purchase. Get a massage, then book your next session that same day and receive 15 complimentary minutes to be used next time. To schedule your appointment, call or visit the J.

Payment is due at time of booking. A 24 hour notice of cancellation or change in your massage therapy appointment is required. If an appointment is cancelled or changed within less than 24 hours of the scheduled appointment, a refund will NOT be processed. In the event of a cancellation by the therapist prior to the 24 hour notice, the appointment may be rescheduled or refunded. In the event of a cancellation by the therapist less than 24 hours of the scheduled appointment, you may reschedule your appointment and will receive an additional 15 minutes of service at no charge. The J.

Community Center reserves the right to adjust pricing at anytime without notice. In addition, items on the Massage Menu may vary or be unavailable at certain times. Deposit and fees are due at the time the reservation is made. Reservations must be completed in person, call to schedule your appointment. LSPR will not allow bikes, canoes or stand up paddle board to be reserved in cases of thunder and lightning. Stand up Paddle Boards and canoe reservations open May 1, Stand up paddleboards, canoe and bike reservations are available weather permitting please call in advance.

Reservation are available:. Monday-Friday ampm. Saturday ampm. Sunday ampm. Patrons must be off the lake by pm M-F and pm on the weekends. Times will be adjusted based on sunrise and sunset as it becomes darker. In present-day Cambridge, Abi, a recently ordained priest of the Church of England, is appointed to a notoriously difficult parish. The priest in charge is the charismatic but fundamentalist Kier. He objects to her mysticism, her practice of healing in particular.

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When she sees a vision of a congregation in an old church, Kier accuses her of witchcraft, but Abi soon sees more visions; an entire Roman family history, dark with betrayal and a promise of bloody revenge. With foreboding forces building up to violence, Abi must battle the approaching terror along with her own personal demons, drawing upon the expertise of Druidry and shamanism from a questionable source…. View the original promo trailer on Youtube here!!

Barbara Erskine's latest time-slip novel, a work of considerable scope and power, immerses readers in the mystical atmosphere of Glastonbury past and present. As a female Anglican priest, Abi Rutherford must deal with occasional prejudice, and not only because of her attractiveness, youth, and gender.

When she takes up a post as curate to Kieran Scott, the charismatic rector of St. John's in Cambridge, her hands-on, compassionate style of ministry conflicts with his stern, fundamentalist approach. Then an unexpected gift from her mother, a mysterious sphere of rock crystal, ratchets her naturally psychic abilities up several notches.

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An equal number of C. The legacy advantage should be removed. And while an Ivy League education may confer bragging rights at tony cocktail parties, public universities are far more economical and are engines for creating business leaders. Richard J. I could not agree more that college legacy admissions preferences should be ended immediately.

However, an equally egregious scandal is the preference in admissions accorded athletes. This also must be ended if there is to be fairness in college admissions. The Freshman Survey by U. Such polarization makes students, just like other adults, less likely to be open to other viewpoints.

Times Legacy Times Legacy
Times Legacy Times Legacy
Times Legacy Times Legacy
Times Legacy Times Legacy
Times Legacy Times Legacy
Times Legacy Times Legacy
Times Legacy Times Legacy
Times Legacy Times Legacy
Times Legacy Times Legacy

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