Rotifera / 4 : the proalidae (Monogononta)

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We here present new morphological details for both species based on light and electron micrographs. View PDF. Save to Library. Create Alert. Share This Paper. Figures and Tables from this paper. Figures and Tables. Citations Publications citing this paper. The musculature of Squatinella rostrum Milne, Rotifera: Lepadellidae as revealed by confocal laser scanning microscopy with additional new data on its trophi and overall morphology Eike F.

Wilts , Diana Wulfken , Wilko H. Description of Bryceella perpusilla n. The somatic musculature of Bryceella stylata Milne , Rotifera : Proalidae as revealed by confocal laser scanning microscopy with additional new data on its trophi and overall morphology E. Wiltsa , W. References Publications referenced by this paper.

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Volume 4. The Proalidae Monogononta. De Smet. In CC sites a large group of species is ordinated with presence of macrophytes and chloride concentration: L.


Another group of species was correlated with seasonality summer : Lecane obtusa, L. Site order signifies that the waterbody consisted of a series of pools that were ordered downstream from the spring source. In this analysis Occurrence of Lecane spinulifera, Colurella colurus, Hexarthra oxyuris, Eosphora ehrenbergi, Proales similis , and bdelloids at CC sites was positively correlated with alkalinity and chloride concentration, whereas the majority of species correlated with presence of macrophytes included Philodina megalotrocha, Cephalodella forficula, Colurella uncinata, Dicranophorus forcipatus, Lecane arcula, Platyias quadricornis, Scaridium bostjani , Trichocerca intermedia, Trichotria tetractis , and Tripleuchlanis plicata.

Brachionus bidentatus, B. While zooplankton inhabiting saline aquatic habitats have received some attention worldwide e. In addition, Sarma et al. Our survey of 48 waterbodies in the Mexican Chihuahuan desert shared few of these species Anuraeopsis fissa, Ascomorpha saltans, Brachionus angularis, Euchlanis dilatata , and Lecane bulla all of which have reportedly cosmopolitan distributions [ 45 ]. Of these species, 23 A. Here we further address community similarity among high salinity habitats using the SAI, and again the uniqueness of communities is apparent Table 2.

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While our study adds substantially to the characterization of rotifer communities, clearly much more research needs to be accomplished if we are to develop a good understanding of the biogeography of rotifers in saline waters in North America. Only few species typical for saline waters were found over a wide range of aquatic habitats in the Chihuahuan Desert, such as Proales similis.

However, a redundancy analysis performed on the data of all the saline systems that we have sampled in the Chihuahuan Desert, showed that the presence or absence of macrophytes is an important variable in determining species composition in all of these systems unpublished data. High salinity and conductivity levels can have major impacts on zooplankton community structure. A study in coastal lakes found that salinity level had significant impacts on zooplankton [ 46 ], leading the authors to predict that relatively small increases in salinity levels will cause reduced biodiversity of freshwater ecosystems.

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In a mesocosm experiment manipulating salinity, Hart et al. As salinity increased, densities of the dominant rotifer species decreased and at the highest salinities 2 species were reduced to very low numbers. Shiel and his colleagues found that salinity was a significant, but site-specific, factor in determining rotifer community composition in rivers in the Lake Eyre Basin [ 41 ].

Saline systems had reduced species richness compared to their freshwater analogs 0—4 versus 0— In the Mexican saline systems studied here, as salinity increases the number of species found decreases substantially Table 1 ; Fig 1 , 2 , 3. Chloride is a significant factor in determining the occurrence of rotifers. Some species are positively correlated with chloride content and others negatively associated see Results, Fig 2a , 3a. It appears in our systems that typical planktonic freshwater species e.

Inland saline systems often harbor diverse and unique community assemblages. Unfortunately, human exploitation can be extremely disruptive to ecosystem processes and services provided by these important water sources. In addition, Ojo de la Casa has recently dried and Ojo en de Medio has dried and re-surfaced in the past year, probably due demands of a geothermal electrical plant for cooling water and agricultural and domestic uses. Increasing human population size and global climate change will only make this scenario more prevalent.

Thus, it is imperative that governmental agencies establish policies that protect these fragile ecosystems [ 47 ]. Sites included springs, cattle tanks, tinajas, rivers, reservoirs, and artificially constructed ponds. Some of these systems comprised multiple basins with varying degrees of inter-site connectivity. It should be noted that sampling effort was not equal among all sites, some sites were sampled only once while others were sampled up to 7 times Ojos Altos. The keys used in this study were as follows: Monogononta [ 54 — 64 ] and Bdelloidea [ 65 , 66 ].

Additional details of our methodology are described in [ 25 , 48 , 49 ]. To compare physical aspects of the aquatic habitats sampled, we constructed three-way plots of selected water chemistry parameters. The significance of variables was determined with Monte Carlo tests running permutations.

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Edited by: Dumont HJ. Internat J Salt Lake Res. Aquaculture Res. Kotani T, Ihara K, Hagiwara A: Cross-mating of euryhaline rotifer Brachionus plicatilis strains as a means to develop useful strains for larval fish food. Proc R Soc Lond B. J Evol Biol. Mol Phylo Evol.

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Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. Kunin WE: Towards an asymmetric index of community similarity. Simpson EH: Notes on the measurement of faunal resemblance. Am J Sci.

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    • Edmondson WT: Rotifera. Fresh-water Biology. Edited by: Edmondson WT. Koste W: Rotatoria. Environmental Protection Agency PB Segers H: Rotifera. The Lecanidae Monogononta.

      Rotifera / 4 : the proalidae (Monogononta) Rotifera / 4 : the proalidae (Monogononta)
      Rotifera / 4 : the proalidae (Monogononta) Rotifera / 4 : the proalidae (Monogononta)
      Rotifera / 4 : the proalidae (Monogononta) Rotifera / 4 : the proalidae (Monogononta)
      Rotifera / 4 : the proalidae (Monogononta) Rotifera / 4 : the proalidae (Monogononta)
      Rotifera / 4 : the proalidae (Monogononta) Rotifera / 4 : the proalidae (Monogononta)
      Rotifera / 4 : the proalidae (Monogononta) Rotifera / 4 : the proalidae (Monogononta)
      Rotifera / 4 : the proalidae (Monogononta) Rotifera / 4 : the proalidae (Monogononta)
      Rotifera / 4 : the proalidae (Monogononta) Rotifera / 4 : the proalidae (Monogononta)

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