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One area of particaulr concern with RFID security is that of tag cloning. RFID security systems need to be able to prevent cloning as this would open the overall system to a variety of forms of security attack. Information received can then be used to replicate tags. To enable RFID security to overcome this vulnerability, cryptographic techniques are used and embedded into the chips used. A number of approaches may be adopted:. Private organisations have expressed their concern over this with the increasing use of electronic product code tags being embedded in consumer products.

While these measures are available, personal security can still remain an issue as the possibility of RFID security for individuals is not widely recognized. Security is a major issue for RFID as with any other wireless or wired communications technology. Fortunately the short ranges of RFID mean that some forms of hacking are not possible, but this does not mean that security should not be taken very seriously.

Top 10 RFID Security Concerns and Threats

Because RFID readers can read multiple RFID tags simultaneously at near-proximity without needing to physically locate the tag; check in, check out and materials handling tasks are quicker and easier for both library users and staff. Our intuitive RFID solutions were developed over the last 20 years to meet the specific needs of library staff and users. In addition to speeding up the movement of books and other library materials, our selfCheck solutions provide the most intuitive experience, process multiple items at one time, promote library events and programs and reduce the amount of time needed for users to check-out from the library.

The security bit of the material is appropriately set so that these items, if not appropriately checked-out, are detected by bibliotheca RFID gates at the library exit. The security systems can also read the item information from secured items to tell the library which item caused the alarm. This helps library staff identify which items need to be correctly borrowed and minimise embarrassment for library users.

They can identify RFID-tagged library items without needing to remove the items from the shelves. A quick scan of the library shelves allows staff to update the collection, find mis-shelved items, weed inventory, and find missing items.

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RFID-enabled staff workstations simplify and speed up the process of item check-in and check-out for library staff. Library users can drop multiple items and go, while the flex AMH then sorts the materials into bins or carts for easy shelving.

Ulsan Metropolitan City Library

The most common libraries that use bibliotheca RFID solutions around the world are those with the following goals and characteristics. This white paper examines the reasons some libraries are making the switch, and why others choose to wait. Be sure to access both parts of the White Paper below.

Be the first to know about new customer stories, product updates and more! Need support, sales or general information? Let us know how we can help. News Events. Skip to content Search. Digital collections iOS kiosk licence discoveryTerminal. The communication between two devices takes place through a stack of communication protocols.

Loop antennas are commonly used in the applications of near field communication, which generate magnetic fields when they are brought closer to each other.

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The normal range operational distance between two devices is just a few centimeters. An air interface between two devices — known as smart cards and readers, is established at This band is free and does not involve complex licensing or other major regulation procedures. The range of data rate of air interface established between two NFC enabled devices normally lies between kbps to kbps.

This is incredibly useful and can save a great deal of time, plus it also cuts down on plastic waste that can be bad for the environment.

Using smartphones, too, prevents thieves from accessing secure facilities because they need to open the phone to be able to access the signal that will unlock the doors. In all likelihood, they will be unable to do this, making your office just a little bit safer.

RFID tag cloning

There is no chance of NFC losing its magnetism or being copied by outside forces. How to use phone NFC as an access card. While it might seem like the perfect technology, it still cannot work for smart cards and readers that are more than a few inches apart.

If you run a busy, high-volume space, this can be a challenge when you just want to get as many people through the doors as possible. Until this issue is fixed down the line, RFID still leads the pack in this capacity. To overcome such limits, Kisi offers features like remote unlocks and scheduled unlocks , which allow admins to grant or revoke access in situations where the usual NFC reader authentication would be inefficient.

How to clone a security badge in seconds

Whether you care about security, ease of use or accessibility, choosing between RFID and NFC access control systems is hard, but necessary. Kisi has tapped into and optimized NFC technology for Android smartphones and the corresponding Bluetooth features used in iPhones , eliminating the need for physical keys and streamlining the administrative processes associated with granting multiple people access to a space. Because NFC technology is so ubiquitous and has low-maintenance energy requirements, it's the perfect medium to incorporate cloud-based access control on a large scale without redesigning and re-configuring an entire location.

This key feature saves administrators and building owners time, energy, and money in the long run while minimizing the administrative manpower needed to run an effective access control system. Product Overview.

Top 10 RFID Security Concerns and Threats | securitywing

How It Works. Product Specs. Contact Us. Drawbacks of NFC While it might seem like the perfect technology, it still cannot work for smart cards and readers that are more than a few inches apart.

RFID Security RFID Security
RFID Security RFID Security
RFID Security RFID Security
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RFID Security RFID Security
RFID Security RFID Security
RFID Security RFID Security
RFID Security RFID Security

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