Quality Assurance and Management

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What is Quality Assurance?

Purchase ISO Published hard copy PDF e-standard. See training courses for these crucial functions:. Quality control training Quality assurance training. Quality assurance can be defined as "part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled.

Quality Assurance Vs Quality Control / QA vs QC in Hindi- Managment Skills

An alternate definition is "all the planned and systematic activities implemented within the quality system that can be demonstrated to provide confidence that a product or service will fulfill requirements for quality. An alternate definition is "the operational techniques and activities used to fulfill requirements for quality.

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Inspection is the process of measuring, examining, and testing to gauge one or more characteristics of a product or service and the comparison of these with specified requirements to determine conformity. Products, processes, and various other results can be inspected to make sure that the object coming off a production line, or the service being provided, is correct and meets specifications. For some service organizations, the concept of quality control may be foreign because there is no tangible product to inspect and control.

The quality assurance function in a service organization may not include quality control of the service but may include quality control of any products involved in providing the service. A service may include products that are documents such as a report, contract, or design or tangible products such as a rental car or units of blood.

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In short, the Project Manager is in a prime position to influence and assure a quality project. With respect to the quality outcome of a project, the Project Manager should have the following among his objectives:. While the above pointers pertain to the outcome of the project, another part of the equation is the need to execute the whole project as rapidly and inexpensively as possible. The Project Quality Assurance techniques that will help make it happen are as follows:. It is the ideal time to begin a potential problem analysis while the project is still in the design phase.

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Simply put, this method in an exhaustive checklist of possible pitfalls. But instead of a simplistic list, the causes and effects be arranged in a two dimensional array with all the system or product attributes, components, or performance components listed in one dimension; all the possible disturbing causes listed in another.

In each cell there is space for an indication of the probability of each cause having a negative effect on the system function. These probabilities which range from 0 to 1. They would indicate the probability that a certain cause in the path of production or product use would have an observable adverse effect on the system function.

Security, Risk Management and Quality Assurance | IT Standard for Business

All high probabilities, most likely, are intolerable, and the condition generating the high probability should be set right. This is largely a random flow of uninhibited ideas by a team. This technique is sometimes useful for uncovering novel solutions to non-technical problems. It may be useful for somewhat technical problems if an attempt is made to classify responses in a manner that will lead to other ideas. The functional analysis diagram is a useful technique to classify the brainstorming output. The diagram is built by a verb-noun objective statement to the left with a verb-noun tree of supporting concepts emerging to the right.

This is another approach to creativity that uses analogies. Conventionally, a team of engineers attempting to enhance a design are asked to formulate analogies from another branch of science to view how an identical problem was solved. A mechanical problem, for instance, might have a counterpart in the animal or plant world.

Quality Assurance Management Techniques

Theoretically, the study of the structure of bird calls can be used to solve a data transmission problem. The controllable variables that influence a process like temperature, voltage, quantity of materials etc.

However, if there is an interaction between the controllable variables and uncontrollable variables then the issue turns more complex and becomes subject to failure. Mapping is the activity through which a process is purposefully subjected to variations in the control variables in order to characterize the process. There are three reasons for doing this work:. Quality Assurance processes are meant to make a product defect-free and make sure it conforms to requirements. Quality Assurance is a process-based approach.

Quality Assurance architects a process so that the product coming from this process is defect free. These processes have critical roles in the project success. Their effectiveness can only be actualized completely when they are well understood by the enterprise and the team executing the job.

Inspection and analytical services for bioprocess systems

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Quality Assurance and Management Quality Assurance and Management
Quality Assurance and Management Quality Assurance and Management
Quality Assurance and Management Quality Assurance and Management
Quality Assurance and Management Quality Assurance and Management
Quality Assurance and Management Quality Assurance and Management

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