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A pretest shows that people indeed experience a return trip effect regularly, and the effect was found on a bus trip Study 1 , a bicycle trip Study 2 , and when participants watched a video of someone else traveling Study 3. The return trip effect also existed when another, equidistant route was taken on the return trip, showing that it is not familiarity with the route that causes this effect. Rather, it seems that a violation of expectations causes this effect. Of course, since the effect still held strong even when people took alternate routes of the same length, the key to this can't be newfound familiarity with the route.

The researchers posit that it's all about shifting expectations, and here's how they explain it:. Participants felt that the initial trip took longer than they had expected. In response, they likely lengthened their expectations for the return trip.

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In comparison with this longer expected duration, the return trip felt short. The greater the participants' expectations were violated on the initial trip, the more they experienced the return trip effect Studies 1 and 2.

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In Study 3, where participants' expectations for the duration of the initial trip were increased via a manipulation, the return trip effect disappeared. The researchers also suggest this is why the return trip effect disappears for journeys we regularly take, such as daily work commutes.

That's because we take these trips often enough and regularly enough that we gain a much more accurate expectation of how long the trip takes, and so the return trip effect diminishes over time. Image by epSos. I had choices. I could call a friend, sip my coffee, eat cake, read a book, or sit in a massage chair for one pound a shake.

The Journey Somewhere

This all seemed to parallel with the therapeutic journey. Every person has choices to make, no matter how stuck they feel. I had a choice between remaining stuck on that motorway, getting angry at the other traffic and punishing myself for being there in the first place, or taking time out to reflect. Therapy is like the service station of your life.

You are the person who decides how long the journey will be. You are the one who decides how far away the destination, and indeed, where you are going. Are you stopping just outside London? The West Country? Or taking a boat to Canada?! Do you want to simply get moving to a point of contentment, or to push onwards, see more and learn more about yourself? Do you want to transcend your ego and seek a higher purpose? Therapy is where you notice what speed you have been going at in your life and whether or not that suits you these days.

Do you need to take your foot off the accelerator or speed up a little in order to actually get anywhere?

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Do you need to rethink the passengers in your car with you? Do you want to discover new ways of doing things that suit you a little better?

Perhaps all those hard times served to awaken you to higher possibilities? There is an end point, but it is you who decides where and when that is. By Jeni Whittaker. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Post Comment. Leave this field empty. The Awareness Centre. Multilingual Counselling at The Awareness Centre.

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Journey to Somewhere Journey to Somewhere
Journey to Somewhere Journey to Somewhere
Journey to Somewhere Journey to Somewhere
Journey to Somewhere Journey to Somewhere
Journey to Somewhere Journey to Somewhere

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