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Nobody really knows what the future holds or how soon Mars will be our new homeland. However, there are some current and severe issues that need to be tackled with the utmost urgency.

60 Years of Challenge Blog Edition

Hunger could be addressed with the potential to reach zero hunger perhaps even prior to Yet, the challenges remain that the current policies do not well define and measure the necessary data in which all stakeholders could use to reach the same goal. At FAC, we hear about innovative solutions to local, regional, and global challenges everyday from over 60 countries. But the barriers still remain that the current policies are not readily in place to support some of the new and disruptive upcoming solutions making the SDG Goal 2 almost impossible.

While hunger continues to increase mainly due to conflict and climate change, we must also address an upcoming population that may soon be jobless. With the right policies in place, technology could be integrated to create a positive shift in the types of daily tasks required by the farmer and agriculture workers. We need to integrate agrifood innovation and technology in our global policy discussions today.

Unfortunately, some policies may take up to three years to be implemented. If we do not implement the necessary changes in our discussions and goals today, how much longer will we continue to be going into the opposite direction of SDG Goal 2? Making sense of this information they provide actionable recommendations on how to 1 maximize milk yields 2 boost reproduction rates 3 identify diseases instantly 4 track geo-location.

Turkey has always been a land of agriculture. Historically, greater parts of the population has always been working in the agricultural industries.


If we take a look in the demographics, an average Turkish farmer is aged 54 years old, while an average Turkish person is 27; this contrast in the demographics shows one of the important needs in the Turkish agricultural scene, the young farmers. In production, wheat farming takes the biggest share, but grains generally makes up the general production of the country.

The rest of the production is more focused on hazelnuts, oranges, figs and apples. These products are also the key products for Turkey to compete in international agriculture market. Especially in Middle East, Black Sea and Central Asian Turkic Republics regions are the main markets for Turkish products; but also Turkey aims to compete more strongly in European markets with its agricultural produce. This gap also represents the outcome on the age demographic, with an average of 54 years old farmers in the country. Turkey has a great potential with its warmer climate and geographical advantages.

Climate opportunities gives Turkey ability to grow various products within its regions, as such making it possible to grow food from tropical to Mediterranean climates within short rides in the country. This also gives entrepreneurs to work on better traceability within their production. The Turkish agripreneur scene is mainly focused on precision agriculture. Speardhead projects like Doktar and Tabit are the leading force in this section of agriculture. Both are supported by telecom companies, Doktar by Turkcell and Tabit by Vodafone , working to support farmers to use precision agriculture techniques and services to increase their production and also sustain it.

Difference in their approach comes with scale. Doktar, founded in by Founder and CEO Tanzer Bilgen , mainly working within Aegean and Mediterranean coast regions, provide services of precision agriculture with a database of simulations to support the producers. Tabit, previously worked as tarimsalpazarlama.

Tabit also approaches precision agriculture with aims of social impact. Therefore Vodafone, as part of their social impact mission, has funded Tabit with 23million Euros to support them technologically and also financially. Regarding agro-financial entrepreneurship, Tarfin is the leading force within this section.

Recent Products

Established in , Tarfin provides financial services for producers, they aim to tackle the economical struggles of the producers for their agro-loans from banks and dealers. Tarfin provides financial management systems for producers and also working with agriculture dealers to help out the financial transactions between dealers and producers with creating traceability and follow up systems. Agripreneurs who are equipped with agritech knowledge and adaptable projects, quite possibly find great source of potential within the Turkish agricultural scene. Financial gaps within the producers also creates great potential for the financial management projects, and aiming at young generation of farmers who are familiar with platform technologies and eager to learn precision techniques, quite possibly end up as the next generation of super farmers.

Super farmers of Turkey will be created by empowering the agripreneurs within the country. Yield would still be an issue for older generation of farmers but within the younger generation, taste and precision would be the key issue for better production. Cassava Food Enhancer has been recognized internationally through the Future Agro Challenege, making it the current winner of the most innovative venture in Paraguay by the government through its institutions, such as Conacyt and Focem.

The patented and proven technology has developed the extraction of proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and all the nutrients of the waste of the starch industry in Paraguay, making it the first national innovation of an alimentary waste to create a new super food, nutrient based with some of its characteristics to be gluten free. Since attending the Global Agripreneurs Summit in March , many new doors were opened for the Cassava Food Enhancer project including partnership opportunities with some existing companies related to the food industry in France and Africa.

Further discussions on their business model are to be finalised in Tanzania and South Africa. After returning from the Global Agripreneurs Summit, Cassava Food Enhancer posed for a national innovation contest and were selected from more than national projects to receive the National Innovation Award.

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Skymatics started out as a small drone based media company in the small country of Bermuda. We had a big idea to use our drones for a more technical purpose so we came up with a plan for branching out into the construction and agricultural industries. We took our idea and applied for the Future Agro Challenge as a way to present our new vision to see if we were on the right track and to our surprise we won!

Since early , Skymatics has taken on a few private investments as well as begun trials of some of our crop analysis services for a number of large insurance companies throughout the US and Canada. A US office is next on the agenda with intentions to expand globally, first taking on Europe and South America.

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The Athens event attracted entrants from all over the world, including Germany, Bulgaria, Morocco, Algeria and Denmark. We thought we would be a contender and big competitors in the field would win, but we ended up winning. The two Bermudian entrepreneurs were on cloud nine after their pioneering aerial photography business snapped up a top prize at FAC Global Championships in Greece.

Attending the FAC really helped us see where we stood in relation to other startups in the industry, winning the FAC Global Championships also gave us the motivation that we were on the right track!

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Their win was just the start, having received credibility and media attention the founders set out to expand their business into new heights. EJ Burrows relocated to Canada setting up an office and everything has kicked off ever since! You need all three of those things to have a successful product.

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Our small team is growing fast. We would love your involvement in making FAC special.

Some inspiration

Come join us! We are seeking motivated individuals who care about the future of food and agriculture seeking a glocal impact. At FAC, we believe we do not have all the answers, and we definitely should not. It is our aim to bring forward agro innovation hubs from around the world inspired by a bottom up approach who could truly identify innovative voices that are creating solutions on a local, regional, and global level.

Our global network is expanding! We have a lot of news happening and we want to share it!

How to participate

New ideas, new vibes! We are looking for an innovative and creative event guru who could take lead to implement large projects.

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Interested in joining our team. Please send your CV to hello facagro. We like to have a personal contact with each candidate, so we are keeping it a little traditional on this matter! Reel Gardening is a South African Social Enterprise that manufactures a patented biodegradable, pre-fertilised seed tape that enables people with little knowledge or resources to plant successfully.

The Reel Gardening Seed Tape holds seeds at the correct distance apart and anchors seeds at the correct depth for optimum germination. All you need to do is make a furrow in the soil, plant the tape, water and watch it grow!

60 Years of Challenge Blog Edition 60 Years of Challenge Blog Edition
60 Years of Challenge Blog Edition 60 Years of Challenge Blog Edition
60 Years of Challenge Blog Edition 60 Years of Challenge Blog Edition
60 Years of Challenge Blog Edition 60 Years of Challenge Blog Edition
60 Years of Challenge Blog Edition 60 Years of Challenge Blog Edition

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